Artist Statement

As an artist I am most centered when I am creating, so I work hard to develop artwork that speaks both to others as well as myself through vivid color patterns and abstract imagery with 3D components. The work I create is done with oils, watercolor, metal, wood, acrylic and even some paper collage elements at times. Texture, surface treatments and color are very important aspects of my work in order for each painting to achieve the very profound and compelling presence I strive for. My inspiration usually comes during the actual creative process itself. I add color, then remove color, add layers and then manipulate the work to a point of completion. I start first by introducing color, shapes or lines, and respond to their development. Constantly rearranging the artwork, adding and subtracting, it comes together after many layers have been added. The work pushes and pulls itself to completion. Interpretation is left to the individual viewer, with the hope that the work elicits positive “feel good” vibes for them and makes one want to smile.