With over 20 successful exhibitions under her belt, Shelbi Nicole is a seasoned professional artist. She was born in Oklahoma City then lived in France, Miami and since 2008 Houston, Texas. Through her travels, she’s had the opportunity to experience and embrace the grandeur of some of the world’s greatest artists and their culture. After living abroad, her time spent in Miami is where she really developed her love for bold color combinations. Her work then became focused on conveying messages of positivity through feel good visuals using vivid colors and textures. Since settling in Houston, she’s been making a name for herself as an active member in the Houston Art Community with numerous public art pieces around town. She’s helped develop public art projects, murals, signage, and was named one of “Houston’s Top 10 Painters” by the Houston Press in 2014. She's also the creative director of Rozendove Luxury Scarves and lead ambassador for #HoustonNoLimits, a project through The Greater Houston Partnership. And to add to her list of creative endeavors, she also writes for various online publications in Houston covering arts and entertainment topics. Her most recent projects include being selected by the NFL to paint football helmets for the Houston Super Bowl LI, an upcoming show in London in late 2016 and a solo show in New York City in 2017.